Hello, I’M Fred Posimo

. . . and I buy Houses!

What I’m Working On
A brief introduction

Transforming Distressed Properties into Profitable Investments

At Posimo Properties, I specialize in turning the overlooked into the overbooked. I see beyond the distress and disrepair, recognizing the hidden potential in every property. My expertise lies in transforming neglected spaces into vibrant, income-producing properties that not only yield returns but also rejuvenate communities.

Transforming Your Property into a Profitable Asset

Maximize Your Return with Fred Posimo’s Expertise

Fred Posimo is not just looking to buy your house; he’s committed to maximizing its value. With a unique blend of market insight, renovation prowess, and strategic investment, we ensure you get the best return on your property

Multifamily Property Acquisition

I specialize in identifying the true potential of multifamily units, offering competitive prices, and ensuring you reap the maximum benefits from your property sale

Inherited Property Sales

Dealing with an inherited property can be complex. I simplify this process, offering fair and fast solutions to convert your inherited property into a significant financial asset, ensuring a smooth and profitable transaction

Enhanced Property Value

My network of expert renovators is at your service to enhance your property’s value before the sale. We focus on strategic renovations that are not just cosmetic but add real, tangible value to your property, ensuring a higher return on your investment

Your Guided Path from Purchase to Profit

From Purchase to Profit: Your Real Estate Journey

The journey from purchasing a distressed property to turning it into a source of income can be complex, but with Posimo Properties, you’re not alone. We provide a roadmap to success, from identifying promising properties to executing a profitable exit strategy.